Monday, June 28, 2010


JUNE 26, 2010   5:00 AM
It's Saturday.  I bound out of bed eager to begin another day of "full contact" vegetable gardening.
I gather up my breakfast and head for the patio in the vegetable garden.  One of the best features
of this particular time of year is the early dawn.  I get to enjoy the music of the birds before the noise
of cars and lawn tractors drowns them out.

I have another reason for going out to the garden;  raspberry season has arrived two weeks' early.
As I enter the garden, I hear a load chirp and some rustling in the apple trees lining the back of the
garden.  It sounds like I just spooked a bird of some sort.  I pick my raspberries and sit down at
the table on the patio in the middle of my garden to enjoy my breakfast and the symphony of the

After a few minutes, I am conscious of more rustling in the apple trees.  I look up. I think that I
see something, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at.  I stand up to get a better look.  I am now
eye to eye with a mother robin.  It dawns on me that she has made a nest in one of my espaliered
apple trees.  Cool.  Life in the country is great.
All the best,

Sunday, June 27, 2010


What a busy couple of months.  May and June have been packed with garden chores, yard work, family
gatherings and coping with modern life.  Among a long list of items that failed in the last two months was my
home computer.  I was without for three weeks.  We are back up and running.

So much has happened in the garden over the last couple of months I hardly know where to begin.  We did have
a mild spring which made growing some crops easy.  Lettuce has been outstanding.  In addition to several
mesclun mixes we have enjoyed two great butterhead type lettuces;  A French heirloom called Sanguine Ameloire
and a European heirloom called Yugoslavian Red.  Check out the pictures below.

The garlic is doing fine.  We harvested garlic scapes two weeks ago.  Nice garlic taste to use raw in salads
in stir fries and sautes.  We began growing garlic three years ago and we feel that fresh homegrown garlic is far
superior to that you will find in a super market.  The scapes appear in the spring.  They grow out of the top of the
garlic plant and must be removed so that they don't take too much energy away from the garlic heads growing

The garden is now fully planted.   This year seemed to be a struggle to get everything done on time.  Like a fool,
I expand a little every year.  My garden could be a full time job.  Wait a minute, it is a full time job.  Looking forward to retirement in three years.  That's all for now.
All the best,