Monday, June 28, 2010


JUNE 26, 2010   5:00 AM
It's Saturday.  I bound out of bed eager to begin another day of "full contact" vegetable gardening.
I gather up my breakfast and head for the patio in the vegetable garden.  One of the best features
of this particular time of year is the early dawn.  I get to enjoy the music of the birds before the noise
of cars and lawn tractors drowns them out.

I have another reason for going out to the garden;  raspberry season has arrived two weeks' early.
As I enter the garden, I hear a load chirp and some rustling in the apple trees lining the back of the
garden.  It sounds like I just spooked a bird of some sort.  I pick my raspberries and sit down at
the table on the patio in the middle of my garden to enjoy my breakfast and the symphony of the

After a few minutes, I am conscious of more rustling in the apple trees.  I look up. I think that I
see something, but I'm not sure what I'm looking at.  I stand up to get a better look.  I am now
eye to eye with a mother robin.  It dawns on me that she has made a nest in one of my espaliered
apple trees.  Cool.  Life in the country is great.
All the best,

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