Saturday, June 11, 2011


The garlic patch
Saturday, June 11, 2011.
My goal heading into the weekend was to finish planting everything in the vegetable garden.  I got started at
7:30 AM.  By 9:30 it was raining pretty steady.  Wet, cold, covered in mud and tired I quit at 11:30AM.
After a shower and some lunch I've decided to write down some thoughts and post some pictures.

The terrible weather this spring has limited my time in the garden.  As a result, I find myself somewhat behind
schedule.  Still on the "to do" list are the following items:
1. Plant sweet potatoes
2. Weed and till bed #21 for winter rye
3.  Weed and till bed #22 and plant beans.
4.  Prepare bed for Brussels sprouts.
5.  Erect tomato trellis assemblies, prune tomatoes and begin clipping them to trellis.

Despite the the weather we have enjoyed lettuce, kale, asparagus, broccoli and radishes.  Garlic scapes
are now emerging, peas are in the pod stage and the carrots are growing well.  A few tomatoes are
beginning to appear, mostly Japanese Black Treffle.  This morning I noticed a few tiny peppers on
a few varieties; cayenne, Senorita,  and Carmen (corno detoro).

The following are some pictures I took this morning before the rain came.
Bed #1, Tomatoes, eggplants and sweet peppers
Bed #2, broccoli, cabbage, lettuce

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Cally said...

Ah yes, the rain rain rain. I had lots of plans for veggie planting and transplanting over the weekend but it started up within 40 mins of me heading out and hasn't stopped since.

Your veg plot looks great, and thanks for reminding me about the garlic scapes, I haven't any of my own this year but I love to get them fresh and green at the farmer's market.